Understanding Climate Engineering, Ionospheric Heater, And HAARP

Madjid Abdellaziz
5 min readOct 25, 2021


Did you know, weather modification is real and no conspiracy theory.

And frequency weapons are no science fiction anymore but used right amongst us in our modern society.

Everything is vibration and frequency.

Macrocosme as microcosme.

The earth, its electromagnetic fields that shield us from deadly cosmic radiation, as our very own energy field, the aura, which protects us in everyday life.

To manipulate frequencies on a large scale, the earth’s atmosphere comes in very handy. More precisely, the ionosphere.

What is an Ionospheric Heater?

In layman’s terms, an ionospheric heater is a powerful high frequency (HF) transmitter (2 to 10 MHz) that causes a controlled momentary change in the electron temperature at the chosen altitude.

Why Heat the Ionosphere?

In a nutshell, the solution is to manipulate the climate by constructing an open-air laboratory.

If we delve a little deeper, we can see that heating the ionosphere causes:

-Controlling the Weather in Space

-Modification of Terrestrial Weather

-Temperature Control (affect global temperature)

-Warfare in Space (Anti-Satellite and ICBMs)

-Remediation of the Radiation Belts and the Creation of a Man-Made Aurora

-Create ELF and ULF (Extremely and Ultra Low Frequency) Waves

-Talking to Submarines to Prevent the Apocalypse

-Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances & Artificial Gravity Waves

-Controlling your thoughts (EMF Health Effects)

-Create ionospheric mirrors that aren’t natural (reflect radio signals)

-Atmospheric Lens with Laser Development

-Examine Subterranean Structures

-Make your own earthquakes

-What is Climate Engineering?

Experiments to control circumstances in the region of space near the earth, particularly in the presence of electromagnetic radiation and charged particles emitted by the sun, which can affect human activities and technology.

The history of terrestrial weather modification (source)

Experiments were carried out in the late 1970s from Ukraine, utilizing three 1000 kW transmitters in tandem. The antenna was made up of 13 vertical towers arranged in a parabola shape, with various folded dipoles strung between them. It also had a small bandwidth (about 3 MHz) and a small beamwidth (approx. 5–10 degrees). As a result, they were able to get a whopping 38 dB gain with their antenna.

However, instead of creating a solid area of reflection, they realized that they were actually burning a hole in the ionosphere, sending the signal into space. They also found that the ionospheric hole’s location had an impact on oncoming weather fronts. Inadvertent weather modification occurred as weather fronts were deflected around the ionospheric hot area.

HAARP program and its connection to the ionosphere.

HAARP is a research program that studies the ionosphere, a layer of the upper atmosphere that extends from roughly 53 miles (85 kilometers) above the Earth’s surface to 370 miles (600 kilometers). The Air Force, Navy, University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, have all contributed to the program’s success.

HAARP is based in Gakona, Alaska, and uses a high-power radio frequency transmitter to disturb a small section of the ionosphere. The perturbations are then measured with other sensors.

The ionosphere is of relevance to the United States military because it plays a role in radio signal transmission. HAARP delivers radio pulses into the ionosphere to analyze its responses, which is one of the few ways to measure this inaccessible area of the atmosphere properly.

HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) has long been the subject of wild conjecture that it is being used to manipulate the weather (source)– or worse. Huge Chavez, the president of Venezuela, alleged in 2010 that HAARP or a similar program was to blame for the earthquake in Haiti (source).

According to the deputies, the HAARP programme and similar uncontrolled projects will produce weapons capable of breaking radio communication lines and equipment installed on spaceships and rockets, causing serious accidents in electricity networks and oil and gas pipelines, and negatively impacting the mental health of people in entire regions. They urged that such large-scale geophysical tests be banned internationally.

Lewis B. Hainsworth was one of the first to propose that human health is tied to a geophysical framework via the Schumann ELF, which occurs naturally (extremely low frequencies). His idea revealed elements in the frequency spectrum of human brain-wave rhythms that occur spontaneously. He came to the conclusion that human brainwave frequencies evolved in response to these messages.

Due to the interaction and interruption of the Schumann Resonances, the ELF and ULF produced by HAARP may have effects on EMF-sensitive persons and unknown effects on all life forms on Earth.

The discovery of hidden tunnels and other risks, as well as resource development, mineral exploration, and environmental pollution problems, necessitate non-invasive imaging or underground structure.

Scientists from Alaska’s High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) were able to map tunnels at depths of a hundred feet or more a few years ago. For example, Papadopoulos says he wants to conduct more underground surveillance experiments. “I believe it has the potential to go 1,000 kilometers.”

How can we safeguard ourselves from the dangers of Climate Engineering?

After more than 20 years of research, I created a Spherical Harmoniser to help the sky, earth, and humanity return to their natural state and co-exist in perfect harmony.

So how does the Spherical Harmoniser can make a difference?

The most critical benefit of a spherical harmonizer is to dissolve stagnant energy fields in the atmosphere and recreate a natural energy flow, just like in the allegory of acupuncture. It was developed after studying German scientist Wilhelm Reich and his life energy and weather experiments from 1930. He discovered a form of life energy that he named ORGONE. Stagnation is called DOR (Deadly Orgone).

As a further development, the spherical harmonizer achieves to work on a harmonizing frequency level by emitting wavelengths also similar to the Schuman frequency.

Harmonization of air, soil, water, and organic matter just occurs naturally after dissolving stagnant energy fields (DOR) in nature.

By installing a single Spherical Harmonizer the entire energy field in a diameter of 500km gets harmonized and all living beings and Mother Earth turn into resonance with those harmonizing frequencies.

The Aura is strengthened, the mind cleared and old blockages are dissolved. It encourages also stronger plants growth by activating a prehistoric genetic code.

To summarize, it’s a very potent ORGONE reactor, enhanced on various levels, without the potential dangers of the ORANUR-effect or harming its users by getting saturated with deadly ORGONE energy.

To learn more please visit: https://integrale-umweltheilung.com/



Madjid Abdellaziz

Founder of the “Desert Greening” project in 2004 . Thanks to the wonderful regeneration of nature, the local microclimate has been self-sustaining since 2016.